How to use TAMPON? #INDIA #OFT2D

Tampons Less Known Here in our India, So for You All Here it is. Have a look ! Know About it ! Try Using It ! Will Be a Great Relief !! During Your Periods !! If you have any question please write them In the comment box ! or email us or contact us... Continue Reading →


How To Sharp Make-Up Pencils In A Right Way #OFT2D

  Let Us Tell You The Right Way To Sharp Your Makeup Pencils (Kajal, Eye Liners, Lip Liners) 1) Sharp Slowly 2) With a tight Grip 3) With The Make-up Sharpener 4) Don't Sharp Much 5) They Are Very Delicate Material 6) Do It Carefully NOTE: Don't Over Sharp, Otherwise They Will Break Enjoy !!... Continue Reading →

Pimple | Simple DIY #trick #OFT2D

DIY Pimple Trick 1) After Shave or Alcohol Put some Little quantity in cotton of after shave then dab it, over the pimple. Use it :- At least twice in a day 2) Colgate or Pepsodent or Oral- B Apply some Little quantity over the pimple. Use it :- At least twice in a day... Continue Reading →

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