Do Pedicure at home #OFT2D

We all don't want cracked or dull feet and that's why we need to take care of them. You just need a 30min time once a week to pamper your feet 🙂 Watch the demo here - Pedicure Demo #OFt2D Products you need: - Facewash or shampoo - - 2 Vitamin E Capsules (Easily... Continue Reading →


CUSTOM Charges/Duty on MAKEUP in India

What are the Custom charges on MAKEUP in India? #OFT2D There are so many doubts while buying Foreign Makeup online and many of us are scared that they will be charged customs, So worry not we have some simple information when we acquired from the Custom office itself after, we were charged Rs 1,500 on... Continue Reading →

How To Do Upper Lips At Home #OFT2D

It's super easy to do upper lips by yourself at home 🙂 You just need some practice which I'm sure of you'll get so much better and good at doing it 😉 Your just need a few things and these are the things which I used: - Cotton - Biotique Bio Cucumber Toner - ₹... Continue Reading →

Veet Ad & Product Review #OFT2D

Hair Removal Creams Does the same work of a Razor ! The Cream just makes your hair fragile (to get cut easily), and the spatula does the rest of the work by cutting them. Rest The Ad Is tooo Violent & Loud ! So Pokey ! Pokey ! Pokey ! ♥ I hope this will... Continue Reading →

How to use TAMPON? #INDIA #OFT2D

Tampons Less Known Here in our India, So for You All Here it is. Have a look ! Know About it ! Try Using It ! Will Be a Great Relief !! During Your Periods !! If you have any question please write them In the comment box ! or email us or contact us... Continue Reading →

How To Sharp Make-Up Pencils In A Right Way #OFT2D

  Let Us Tell You The Right Way To Sharp Your Makeup Pencils (Kajal, Eye Liners, Lip Liners) 1) Sharp Slowly 2) With a tight Grip 3) With The Make-up Sharpener 4) Don't Sharp Much 5) They Are Very Delicate Material 6) Do It Carefully NOTE: Don't Over Sharp, Otherwise They Will Break Enjoy !!... Continue Reading →

Pimple | Simple DIY #trick #OFT2D

DIY Pimple Trick 1) After Shave or Alcohol Put some Little quantity in cotton of after shave then dab it, over the pimple. Use it :- At least twice in a day 2) Colgate or Pepsodent or Oral- B Apply some Little quantity over the pimple. Use it :- At least twice in a day... Continue Reading →

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